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12 - Dec - 2014

Super Magnetics at Super Prices


Super Sign Magnets - from £15 (+Vat)

vehicle magnet

Super Tough & Super Price Vehicle Sign Magnets

Super Tough Vehicle Sign Magnets - Our Vehicle magnets are manufacted from the strongest magnetic sheet available in the UK. The graphics for our Vehicle magnetics are printed in full colour & are protected with a scratch resist, waterproof & weatherproof laminate.

Super Price - Designing your own Van magnets & Car magnetics online is amazingly easy & rewarding. (After all you know your own business best) but best of all it reduces Magnetic Plate & Magnetic panel costs by up to 50%.

In addition we print your Vehicle Sign Magnets very efficiently mounting the prints onto 1m high master rolls, cutting down to your Vehicle Magnet size later. These savings are passed on to you in Super Van Magnetics & Car Magnet prices.

Van Magnets

Designing your Van Sign Magnets - 3 steps

Choose your Vehicle Sign Magnet Shape - Measure the hight & width that will fit your van. Your Van Magnets should be about 20mm inside any panel edge. This makes it easy when positioning your Vehicle Magnets on the Van. For Car Magnets keep to flat surfaces

Choose your Trade - By clicking on your trade we will take you to a range of Vehicle Magnet designs created especially for yourt trade. You can then choose the design that you like the best.

Change the Design to your wording, colours & styles. You can save each Vehicle Sign Magnet design in your own exclusive Studo and choose the best Van Magnet Design later

3 Reasons to Choose Vehicle Magnets.

Vehicle Sign Magnets are ideal if you plan to change you vehicle in the near future. Hopefully your Vehicle Magnets will transfer from the old to to the new vehicle without extra cost.

Vehicle magnetics are ideal if the the vehicle is used on business & pleasure. Remove the Van Magnets for private use & put the Magnetic panels back before work.

Vehicle Magnets are ideal if some of your work is subcontract

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If you need more information on Van Magnets & Car Sign Magnets then give us a call on 01225 430 120 or contact us via the 'Contact Us' form provided. If you wish to find out more information about our other products please use the appropriate link on the Left column to take you to that section in our Web Design Centre.

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